Video Shows A Mother Proposing To Her Son's GF On His Behalf

She said yes.

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A mother was filmed proposing to her son's girlfriend in the Shandong province of China on Valentine's Day

Orange News reported that the mother, who is a retiree, went on one knee before her son's girlfriend in a shopping mall on 14 February. 

The proposal happened during a Valentine's Day event hosted by the shopping mall. 

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According to the retiree, her son had left home two years ago to join the military

"My son has been in the army for two years, and he rarely comes home," the mother was quoted as saying by China Press on a stage in the shopping mall.

"Today, I'm standing on this stage to propose on his behalf. This girl is really something else... she is matured and has been taking care of me for the last couple of years," the retiree added. 

"She loves my son so much... She's so beautiful (but) she has been patiently waiting for my son," the mother said.

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"Kid, will you marry my son?" the retiree asked

Her proposal was then accepted, and she was seen hugging her would be daughter-in-law on stage. 

Balloons were then released onto the stage by the event organiser while the crowd cheered.

You can watch the proposal in full here:

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