[VIDEO] Teen Breaks Items Worth RM450 & Injures A Vendor At KL Mall Because Of A Dare

In a video captured by an onlooker, the teenager can be seen climbing up a shelf in the mall and kicking it as he was coming down.

Cover image via Provided to SAYS

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A teenager was filmed climbing a kiok's display on Monday, 29 March, resulting in damages worth RM450 and injury to an employee at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The incident took place at TINY's pop-up booth at the centre court of the shopping mall at about 7pm, an employee of the store — which sells kitchenware and other household items — told SAYS in an email.

"As one of my colleagues [was] on shift and sitting at the booth yesterday (29 March), she suddenly heard [the] sound of [a] guy climbing up on our booth's shelf and [jumping] down [while] kicking the shelf towards my colleague's side," shared the employee who wishes to remain anonymous.

They said she managed to use her hands to prevent the shelf from crushing her, but she sprained her fingers in the process.

Because it happened so quickly, they said she also could not save the items displayed on the shelf from falling to the ground.

"Luckily my colleague managed to hold the falling shelf or she might have had an injury on her head because of the fallen ceramics," they said

It is learnt that two sets of ceramic bowls — five bowls in each set — were shattered after the teen kicked the shelf.

They suffered a total loss of RM457.80.

"The culprit immediately ran away," related the employee, adding that everyone at the centre court saw what happened

They said a person approached them after the incident, saying that she has a copy of a video that recorded the incident.

"My colleague managed to get in touch with one of the [girls who] is believed [to be] a friend of a friend of the culprit, and was told that the culprit did this merely for a RM100 dare," they said.

The employee attached screenshots of a conversation with an individual close to the matter, and it is said that the culprit was playing a bet.

A police report has been lodged against the culprit

Another employee of TINY told SAYS that the police came to their store to investigate the case.

"I followed up with the police and the police said that the closed-circuit television (CCTV) was too far away, (they) cannot really see clearly," they said.

Until today, they still do not know who the culprit is nor what he looks like.

The employee who sent us the email said the purpose of sharing the incident with the public is to urge everyone not to act recklessly and hurt other people in the process.

"I hope everyone is able to know and learn from this incident," they said.

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