[VIDEO] Man Stood On His Car To Protest After His Car Was Clamped By DBKL

DBKL officers handled the situation extremely well.

Cover image via Facebook via Warga Wilayah

A man was caught losing his temper on camera, after his car was clamped by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officers in Pudu yesterday, 20 February

Image via Warga Wilayah

Harian Metro reported, that the man in his 30s parked his Proton Perdana in front of a bank despite knowing that it is a no-parking zone.

The incident escalated around 11.50am when the man returned to his car only to find out it has been clamped.

The man apparently scolded the DBKL officers with foul words while standing on the hood of his car

Image via Facebook

According to DBKL enforcement department director-general Osman Ismail, the enraged man had to pay a fine to release the clamp. However, he behaved rudely by throwing the money to the DBKL officers.

To the DBKL officers' credit, they refused to pick up the money and requested the man to hand the money politely.

The man decided to take it to greater heights when he picked up his money and climbed on top his car to berate the officers. Once again, he repeated the same action by hurling the money towards the DBKL personnel.

Eventually, the officer unclamped his car after the man paid the fine in a more polite manner

Image via Warga Wilayah

Osman added that the case was considered as closed as the DBKL personnel at the scene did not lodge a report against the man.

Watch the video of the incident here:

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