[VIDEO] Woman Shares Importance Of Dashcams After Her Hit-And-Run Offender Lies To Police

"The sergeant called the car's owner right then, and he denied everything," the victim said in disbelief.

Cover image via Nur Syafiqah (Facebook)

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A woman is advising Malaysian drivers to install dashcams in their cars after a hit-and-run offender tried to pin the blame on her

Facebook user Nur Syafiqah took to her page to share the ordeal that happened last Tuesday, 30 November, when she was driving up from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur.

The incident occurred at about 11am as she was crossing Yong Peng to Pagoh on the North-South Expressway.

Nur Syafiqah said that she was driving on the left lane at about 90km/h when a blue Perodua Bezza suddenly crashes into her Perodua Axia from behind.

"I definitely saw the car coming fast from my side mirror. Crazy fast like 120km/h. Then he suddenly banged into the back right side of my car and drove off without stopping," she recounted.

A screenshot of the dashcam footage showing the Perodua Bezza crashing into the back of Nur Syafiqah's car.

Image via Nur Syafiqah (Facebook)

Shocked, the lone driver stopped at the roadside and tried to calm herself down before reporting the incident to the police

"Alhamdulillah, I was not injured, maybe because I was driving slow, I could control the steering and stop at the side. But my right leg and neck hurt a bit. And I was traumatised a little because of the impact," she said.

Nur Syafiqah shared that she was shaking as she dialed 911 to call for help when she realised the back of her car was damaged and one of her tyres had burst open.

However, even through the panic, she said was thankful the whole incident was recorded by the dashcams she had installed in her car.

A police car arrived and took her to the closest PLUS office in Yong Peng, where she made a police report, showed the police the footage she caught, and provided them with the perpetrator's number plate.

"The sergeant called the car's owner right then, and he denied everything. He told the sergeant that they had the wrong number because he didn't own a car," the victim said in disbelief.

Thankfully, Nur Syafiqah said the police visited the man's address later in the afternoon to verify the information

"To cut short the story, the sergeant called me to tell me that the owner [of the Perodua Bezza] also made a police report in Muar," she said, surprised that the other driver could make it so far with a broken front bumper.

The sergeant then told her that the Bezza driver tried to blame her for the accident and accused her of recklessly changing lanes leading to the collision, to which she laughed.

"You seriously think a small, cheap car wouldn't have a camera? You made a big mistake!"

With that, Nur Syafiqah advised her Facebook followers to have their own dashcams to avoid situations like these

"Yes, it's a hit-and-run. But the proof is as clear as day because I have dashcams in the front and back," she said.

"Take my experience as a lesson. Thankfully, I installed these dashcams since May because I was worried of something like this happening."

Lastly, she added, "Spend a bit of money for our safety, because we don't know what could happen at any time."

Her Facebook post has since garnered over 4,600 shares with netizens agreeing with her.

Watch Nur Syafiqah's dashcam footage of the accident here:

If not for dashcams, these incidents would not have been caught on camera: