Patient Films Videos Of COVID-19 Ward Mates Saying 'Bye Bye' To Families Before Dying

The videos are said to be taken at the Penang General Hospital.

Cover image via Facebook

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A series of videos filmed by a patient showing his ward mates saying their final goodbyes one by one before they pass on has broken many people's hearts on Facebook

In the first video, the man behind the camera narrates what he is seeing, saying that a medical staff is currently helping an 'uncle' to bid farewell to his family members through a video call.

"The hospital is making a video call to let (the patient's) family members have a final look (at him)," the man said in Hokkien.

"The uncle says 'bye bye, bye bye' to his family. Watching this makes my heart sink," he sighed.

In the second video, he said another patient is going through the same thing. He said the patient is near the end of their journey.

The video shows a medical staff wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) holding up a phone to allow the patient to say their final goodbye to their family through a video call.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

In the third video, the man filmed two metal coffins being pushed to the front of his bed

"Two boxes have entered. They are pushed to the front of my bed," the man said the same line twice in both shocking and sad tones.

It is unsure whether there are bodies in the metal coffins.

Based on the caption of the videos, China Press reported that the incident took place at the Penang General Hospital.

Image via Facebook

The man behind the camera also warned members of the public not to underestimate COVID-19, according to Oriental Daily.

Over the past week, Penang has been grappling with a high number of daily COVID-19 cases, rising from 1,600 to 2,474 within a week or an average of 1,808 cases a day.

At the time of writing, a compilation of the videos shared by Oriental Daily has gone viral with over 800 shares and 1,000 likes

Many netizens expressed their sadness after watching it.

"This is very serious. I hope everyone can survive the pandemic safely," said a Facebook user.

"The coronavirus is ruthless. It has taken away so many lives. (It's) chilling," commented another person, while another added, "Watching this really hurts my heart."

One netizen said, "My (family member) passed on before I could even say goodbye."

Image via Facebook

The video of the tragic incident can be found below:

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