View Chin Says He's Ready To Marry His Employee Mira After Cheating Allegations Go Viral

The entrepreneur admitted to the media that he assaulted his ex-wife and will take responsibility for his actions.

Cover image via Kosmo! Online (Facebook) & @viewhau (Instagram)

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TikTok content creator and entrepreneur View Chin revealed that he is ready to convert to Islam and marry his employee, Mira, whom he described as a valuable business partner in his company

Speaking to Kosmo! in an interview yesterday, 18 April, he clarified that he and his ex-wife officially divorced in December last year.

Chin, who runs a company selling fashion products and also promotes other brands' products via livestreams, said divorce talks started in August last year. He claimed that it was a lengthy process because his ex-wife wanted to mend the relationship.

Even though they still appeared in videos and photos together on social media over the past few months, Chin said he chose to remain silent about the divorce because he was concerned about the future of his children and his ex-wife's reputation as the mother of their children.

"Nobody knew about it (the divorce). Not even our family and company staff. Only Mira knows because she's close to me," he said in the sit-down interview.

"Only she knows the reason we divorced. And the divorce case concluded that I will have custody of the children," he added.

After the clarification, the entrepreneur explained that he has already been planning to marry Mira for quite some time now, after finding out about his ex-wife's alleged infidelity in 2020.

He said he will marry Mira in a few years' time, and his ex-wife knew about it.

TikTok content creator and entrepreneur View Chin talking to Kosmo! in a sit-down interview.

Image via Kosmo! Online (Facebook)

When asked about his ex-wife's allegation that he went on a trip to Bali, Indonesia with Mira while he was still married, Chin admitted that he is at fault in the matter

"Yes, I admit that I went on holiday together with Mira in Bali. At that time, I was very stressed and Mira was worried about my safety, that's why she accompanied me," he told Kosmo!

He also admitted that he physically assaulted his ex-wife as shown in closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage published by the latter, and apologised for his actions.

"As of now, I did not receive any lawyer letter over the assault," he said when Kosmo! reporters asked him to comment about a police report filed by his ex-wife over the matter.

Chin's ex-wife posted a 23-second CCTV video showing the physical assault that happened in their office.

Image via Facebook

Chin said that the reason he agreed to the media interview was because his ex-wife's allegations greatly affect his company, life, and friends

He is also worried about the future of his children due to all the allegations that went viral online.

It is estimated that he has suffered at least five figures in losses, which could add up to RM1 million. Chin said brands and sellers have reversed their business arrangements with his company.

The View Fashion founder also said his ex-wife is still working in the company as the "lady boss", dealing with online marketing. However, the future of her position in the company will be sorted out soon.

He appeared to be crying while talking about the love his ex-wife has for the children, saying, "Who wouldn't want their children to be by their side."

In a Facebook post yesterday, he uploaded photos of an empty house with most of the furniture pieces being taken away.

He told Kosmo! that even his children were gone even though he has custody rights.

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