Viral "News" About Road Tax And Car Insurance Increasing By 25% Is Totally Fake

Rumours of the price hike began circulating earlier today.

Cover image via Carlist / WhatsApp

Earlier today, 28 November, there were rumours that the Road Transport Department (JPJ) is implementing a hefty 25% increase for road tax as well as car insurance from January 2017 onwards

Image via PaulTan.org

The rumours spread like wildfire, aided by the above message being shared around via WhatsApp and on social media by disgruntled Malaysians. However, some took the initiative to contact JPJ themselves in clarifying the "news".

According to automotive site Paul Tan, a JPJ officer confirmed that "news" about the impending road tax and car insurance hike is false, adding that the department has no plans to change the road tax charge structure for the time being.

JPJ released an official statement shortly after to deny the rumours as well as to advise the public to stop believing rumours circulated on social media and to contact the authorities directly instead of spreading unverified information

"The department takes this matter seriously as it can cause misunderstanding among the public," JPJ said in the press statement released today.

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So, if your friends or family members sent you the WhatsApp message above, make sure you set the record straight!

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