Video Of Gay Malay Couple Gaining Acceptance From Their Family Receives Mixed Reactions

"They don't really impose on us to be a certain way. The only thing that my mum imposes on us is to be responsible for whatever we do."

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A YouTube video published on 11 February about an openly gay Malay couple has gone viral

The video, which was uploaded on the Singapore-based YouTube channel Dear Straight People, has been viewed over 68,000 times at the time of writing.

The video opens with a voice saying, "Over the years we have featured many same sex couples. But an openly gay Malay couple accepted by their family?

Now that is one story we haven't told before."

The episode, directed by Sean Foo, features 30-year-old Faliqh and 41-year-old Kaal, who have been together since they met at a beach party in August 2011.

"I was busy eyeing him while he was talking to his friends," Faliqh explained, while Kaal recalled thinking that he was "cute."

Despite the fact that Kaal was half an hour late to their first date and had not decided where to go for dinner, Faliqh said that "eventually, when we started to talk, everything started to mellow down and it went really well."

According to Faliqh, one of the main factors for the couple's successful seven-year relationship was the "love and acceptance from Kaal's family"

While Kaal's mother was quiet when she was first introduced to her son's "friend", she soon began to open up and did not question the men when they admitted to living together.

"She doesn't ask anything more than that. I think she understands. I guess as a mother, she doesn't need an explanation from me," Kaal said.

"They don't really impose on us to be a certain way. The only thing that my mum imposes on us is to be responsible for whatever we do," the 41-year-old added.

"What we are is what we are. She won't say anything out of respect."

"I feel blessed. I can't count how many times I've felt blessed to be with Kaal's family," said Faliqh

Despite "having different opinions and coming from different backgrounds," Faliqh said that he loves his partner's mother and siblings.

Kaal expressed his gratitude for his family "not treating people differently" and for teaching respect and love towards others.

"For the people who are watching this video, I hope that you guys realise that gay relationships, especially coming from a minority Malay community, is like any other relationship," said Faliqh.

"It's very fulfilling. There will be good days and there will be bad days. So I say it has been a wonderful journey," he added.

After a tweet about the video went viral on 15 February, the couple's story has received a mixed reaction from netizens

Image via Twitter

"Enough Internet today," wrote one Twitter user, while another said that, "Sins are sins."

Image via Twitter

However, several netizens on Twitter and YouTube have come to the couple's defence

You can watch the couple talk about their relationship here:

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