Wait, Did The Selangor Mufti Say It's Okay For Husbands To Beat Their Wives?

Sirens blared when the Selangor Mufti said that husbands can cane their wives to discipline them, but was it taken out of context?

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Two Days Ago, Mohd Tamyes Abdul Wahid, The Mufti Of Selangor Made A Controversial Statement When He Said That "Husbands Can Cane Their Wives To Train Them"

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The Statement Was Made In An Interview With Utusan Online, Where He Was Asked To Weigh His Opinion On The Issue Of Caning Children. He Gave The Analogy That This Form Of Punishment Is Permissible Under Islam To Train Wives And Children On Their Duties.

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Meanwhile, according to Selangor Mufti Mohd Tamyes Abdul Wahid, Islam allows a light beating of one’s wife and children as a last resort in training them to perform their responsibilities.

According to the Selangor mufti, Muslims husbands can cane their wives with the intention of “training” them. In an Utusan Online report three days ago, Datuk Tamyes Abdul Wahid said this form of punishment was sanctioned by the religion as a form of “rehabilitation” to train wives and children, on their duties.

However, He Added That This Should Only Be Considered As A Last Resort If All Methods Fail, Which Includes Reprimanding And Sleeping Separately From The Wife

“This method, however, should be the last resort after all other methods fail including reprimanding her and sleeping separately,” said the article.

The Statement Did Not Go Down Well With The Women's Aid Organisation (WAO), Who Came Out Strongly Against This Claim And Stated That Any Physical Abuse On Women Is A Crime

This was picked up by Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) whom in a stinging Facebook post yesterday, called on Tamyes “unfit to guide the Sultan”. “No. A man can’t do that. It is a crime to beat your wife, just read the Domestic Violence Act.

The Post Was Shared By Almost 1,000 People And Commented On 200 Times

Many Were Angry With The Mufti's Statement, Asking What Would Happen If Husbands Caned Their Wives?

Some Commenters Defended The Statement, Saying That The Quote Was Taken Out Of Context

One Commenter Even Posted A Screenshot Of The Actual Verse In The Quran.

A commenter posted the actual verse from the Quran

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In 2010, The Penang Mufti Called For Calm And Better Understanding When There Was International Scrutiny After Three Women Were Caned In The Kajang Women's Prison For Engaging In Illicit Sex

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Penang mufti Datuk Hassan Ahmad concurred. "People are often scared by what they do not understand, they are commenting without really understanding the inner workings of syariah." Hassan said efforts should be made by all state religious authorities to ensure that the public was educated on the finer details of syariah. "Those people who comment and say that we are cruel and inhumane should study and do some extensive research on syariah before giving views," he said.

They were commenting on the international reaction to the caning of three women at Kajang Women's Prison for engaging in illicit sex.

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