"We Didn't Kill Her" - Couple Accused Of Murdering Dutch Model In KL Condo Breaks Silence

Alex and Luna Johnson were released without charge after Dutch model Ivana Smit was found dead outside the couple's apartment in 2017.

Cover image via Daily Mail/Instagram (edited)

Alex and Luna Johnson, the couple previously accused of murdering Dutch model Ivana Smit in Kuala Lumpur nearly a year and a half ago, have spoken up for the first time since the incident

Alex and Luna Johnson now live in Miami, United States.

Image via Daily Mail

In a recent interview with Daily Mail, the couple admitted to having a threesome with Ivana on the night of her death on 9 December 2017. 

"Ivana was our friend and we both had relationships with her. She came with us willingly that night," Luna was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

"I wish I had more time to know her. I lost a friend," the Kazakh native added.

US-born Alex also said that the couple has "enjoyed the company of other women over the course of our marriage". 

However, Alex and Luna insisted they had nothing to do with the 19-year-old model's death

While a post-mortem on Ivana showed traces of drugs and alcohol, the Johnsons denied that they gave the model drugs or took any on the night of the incident.

"We had unequivocally nothing to do with her passing," Alex told Daily Mail.

"I honestly don't give a s*** what anybody thinks anymore. We are numb to it, we have had a year and a half of this. We have lost everything and started over again, I don't care anymore," he added.

The Johnsons were arrested after Ivana's naked body was found 14 floors under their apartment on Jalan Dang Wangi in 2017

CCTV footage showed Ivana being carried by Alex out of a KL nightclub on the night of the incident while Luna followed.

Image via Daily Mail

They were eventually released without charge after two weeks as blood tests showed no trace of drugs and their visas were in order. 

Alex and Luna abruptly left Malaysia for Singapore following death threats and a kidnap attempt of their daughter. They currently reside in Miami, United States.

"We got scared and we haven't been able to live our lives freely," Luna said, before adding that her online digital marketing business had also closed down.

Alex, who was a millionaire bitcoin trader in Kuala Lumpur, now works from home and trades in bitcoin currency with markets in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. 

Here's a recap of the case:

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