When Bottled Water Is More Expensive Than Petrol, Boycott

The Consumer Boycott Centre is calling for all consumers to stop buying bottled mineral water that costs more than RM1.

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06 Feb — 01:53 PM

Boycott Economics In Malaysia Continues To Flourish As Dissatisfaction At Traders Refusing To Reduce Price Of Goods Despite The Drop In Fuel Price Grows

PPIM president Datuk Nadzim Johari (centre) lashed out at giant mineral water manufacturer Spritzer for selling expensive bottled water and called on consumers to boycott its products.

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06 Feb — 02:01 PM

Joining hands With 20 Other NGOs To Set Up The Consumer Boycott Centre, The Malaysian Muslim Consumer Association (PPIM) Is Calling For A Boycott On Overpriced Bottled Mineral Water

The Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM), along with 20 other non-governmental organisations, are calling on people to boycott all brands of 500ml bottled mineral water which are priced above RM1. PPIM chief activist Datuk Nadzim Johan said it was proposed for the boycott to be done over a time span of three months starting today.
06 Feb — 02:01 PM

The NGOs Claimed That 500ml Bottled Mineral Water Is Being Sold At An Exorbitant Price. The Normal Price Of Bottled Water Is RM1 Yet Some Food Outlets Mark It Up To RM3.50 Per Bottle.

"We chose to boycott mineral water because it is being sold at an unreasonable price, especially at food outlets. In some places, it is being priced at RM3.50 per bottle compared to the normal price of RM1."
06 Feb — 02:01 PM

They Pointed Their Finger At Manufacturer Spritzer, Calling Them Monopolisitic

He also lashed out at giant mineral water manufacturer Spritzer for selling expensive bottled water priced above RM1 for a 500ml and called on consumers to boycott its products. Based on research, we recommend to boycott Spritzer. Because when we go out we saw Spritzer is the biggest, in more petrol stations, everywhere. They are so monopolistic, they should be more friendly to others,” Nadzim said.

Nadzim also compared bottles of Spritzer’s mineral water sold at cafe chain stores Old Town White Coffee and Pappa Rich to bottled drinking water sold at the 1Malaysia government-backed retail outlets, which he said priced at RM3.50 and RM0.39 respectively.
06 Feb — 01:32 PM

Explaining That The Cost Of Bottled Mineral Water Is Only 50sen, PPIM chief activist Datuk Nadzim Johan Says "The Price Of Bottled Water Is Higher Than The New Price Of A Litre Of Petrol."

Comparing the price of mineral water to the price of petrol at the pumps, PPIM president Datuk Nadzim Johari said the price of a 500ml bottle of RON97 petrol was 20 sen to 50 sen cheaper.

"The price of that bottled water is higher than the new price of a litre of petrol. The cost for that 500ml of bottled mineral water is just about 50 sen and after taking into account the 70% profit, it should be sold at a price not more than RM1," he told a press conference today.
06 Feb — 02:01 PM

Nadzim Is Also Worried That Consumers' Ignorance Of Price Of Goods In The Market Is Encouraging Traders' Reluctance To Reduce Their Prices

Nadzim said the controversy concerning the unchanged prices of goods despite the drop in oil price was not merely caused by traders' reluctance to reduce the prices, but also by consumers' attitude and ignorance about the prices of goods in the market. "This attitude must change and consumers must pay attention and make comparison of the prices of goods in the market," he said.
06 Feb — 01:53 PM

The Consumer Boycott Centre Is Organising A Three-Month Boycott Campaign Against Profiteering Businesses. They Will Also Be Investigating Alleged Price Hikes In Other Industries Including Car Workshops And Banks.

The Consumer Boycott Centre consists of 20 other non-governmental organisations and aims to get people to take part in a three-month boycott of allegedly profiteering businesses. The group believes it can get 17 million people to participate, through phone messaging service WhatsApp and social media. The group said it will also investigate the alleged price hikes of other service providers ranging from car workshops to telecommunications firms and banks.
06 Feb — 01:53 PM

The Group Agrees With Minister of Agriculture And Agro-Based Industry Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob Statement That Prices Are Being Raised Indiscriminately, But Says Capitalists Are Not Defined By Race

He agreed with the agriculture and agro-based industries minister that the price of goods were being raised indiscriminately, but stopped short of pointing the finger at a specific race. “I think that he was talking was really facts,” Nadzim said. “Malay also got, Indian also got, Chinese also got. When you’re talking about capitalists, they are all the same colour,” he added.
06 Feb — 02:54 PM

Besides Acting As A Watchdog For The Halal Market, The Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia Had Also Been Seen Urging PR1MA To Review Its Prices To Follow The Market Price

The Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia was established in 1997 following Muslim consumers' demand for an NGO watchdog for the Halal market.
06 Feb — 02:31 PM

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