Who 'Lasts Longest' In Malaysia? Surely Not Penangites Nor KL Folks

Online porn empire Pornhub has revealed that the Internet users in Kuala Terengganu spend the most time streaming Internet pornography.

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It has just come to light, courtesy Pornhub, that the Internet users in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia's east coast, have beaten all others in Malaysia in terms of streaming for or watching at online porn

Statistics by the online porn empire reveals that the Internet users in Kuala Terengganu spent an average of 12 minutes and 58 seconds looking at or searching for visual pornography. While Internet users in KL were the second highest, The Star reported.

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Statistics by Pornhub revealed that Internet users in Kuala Terengganu spent an average of 12mins and 58sec per visit looking for (or looking at) visual smut.

Citizens of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur came in second, recording 12:29mins.

These are followed by Internet users in Kota Bahru and Miri, who recorded average forays of 12:27mins each, per visit.

These time periods are part of Pornhub's global insight, titled Who Lasts Longest, compiled over the Fall of 2014, detailing the average time spent on the website by people around the world

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The average time spent browsing porn in these four cities was actually higher than the average time for Malaysia itself (12:05 minutes), which on its own is one of the highest in Asean

Pornhub vice-president Corey Price told The Star that some countries may have charted longer time periods per visit because users took time to search for the kind of videos according to their preference.

He said this was not surprising, given the "amount of variety on our site," he was quoted as saying. Price added that it was also possible that the length of time spent could have been increased by certain users watching a specific video for a longer period.

“In order to prove that, however, you’d need to cross check those numbers with number of page views per visit,” Price said.

The average length of time spent on porn made Malaysia one of the highest in Asean, though not the highest. That place went to the Philippines, that clocked in at 14:22 minutes, earning them the title of being the longest to last Pornhub users in the world.

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Meanwhile, people in Singapore, as it appears, are lacking behind:

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Pornhub, which was launched in the year 2007, is part of the Pornhub NETWORK campaign. In 2010, Pornhub was purchased by Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg as part of the Manwin conglomerate, now known as MindGeek.

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As part of MindGeek, Pornhub makes up one of several porn websites in the company's "Pornhub NETWORK", alongside YouPorn, RedTube and the like. Though not the most popular porn website, Pornhub holds the honour of being the single largest porn website on the internet, hosting more videos than any other similar site.

In an effort to introduce quality curation to the site, the company launched a service called "Pornhub Select" in October 2013. Pornhub Select allows users to view exclusively high-definition videos with a minimal interface and few advertisements.

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