Wife Convinces Husband To Marry Their Babysitter To Fulfil His Dream Of Having More Kids

They were married at a religious affairs office in Mersing, Johor on 18 March.

Cover image via @aliyamysara3 (TikTok) & Sarifah Salmah Tuan Embong via Harian Metro

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A 26-year-old woman from Johor has convinced her husband to marry their babysitter so that he can have more children

According to Harian Metro, Sarifah Salmah Tuan Embong is the first wife of 34-year-old Saiful Abdul Satar.

Not only is Sarifah willing to share her husband with another woman, but she is also responsible for bringing up the idea with her husband of marrying their 18-year-old babysitter who has been working for them for the past four years.

The couple's story caught people's attention after the babysitter, named Nur Elyana, shared videos of their wedding on TikTok.

The three videos have since gone viral with over 850,000 views combined. In them, Nur Elyana can be seen dressed in a turquoise traditional costume while sitting beside her new partner during their bersanding ceremony.

Sarifah, too, is dressed in a similar outfit. The trio also shared a few photos together. In one photo, Saiful can be seen standing in the middle, while Sarifah and Nur Elyana stand on either side of him.

From left to right: Sarifah, Saiful, and Nur Elyana.

Image via @aliyamysara3 (TikTok)

Speaking to Harian Metro, Sarifah said she did all that for the happiness of her husband who wanted more children

The first wife — who lives in Kampung Bahagia, Mersing — related that it was difficult for her to bear children after suffering from a miscarriage in 2019.

"Yaa (Nur Elyana's nickname) is no longer a stranger to me and my husband because she is our babysitter and has lived with us for the past four years," she revealed.

"In fact, our relationship is not like employer and employee because I already considered her like my own sister."

"My son is also close to her. That's why I don't mind accepting Yaa as my husband's second wife — (but) not another woman — because I've known her for a long time."

Sarifah and Saiful share a seven-year-old son named Amir Malik Saiful.

According to her, her husband was shocked after she shared the idea of marrying their babysitter

However, Sarifah said the decision was the best for them because she knew her husband had long hidden the desire of having more children from her.

"I had discussed with the family before making the decision and they accepted it after I explained my reasons," she related.

"In fact, I went to Yaa's family in Felda Kerteh, Paka in Terengganu on 1 January and received blessings from her parents."

"Honestly, I am happy to see them united because all this time, Yaa accompanied me and my son when my husband did not come home due to outstation work. So, I believe she is a good woman and able to carry out her duties as a wife even though she is young."

On the other hand, Nur Elyana said she did not expect to marry Saiful, whom she considers as her brother and employer.

They were married at a religious affairs office in Mersing on 18 March.

"I was also surprised when Kak Sa (Safirah's nickname) voiced her desire to have me marry her husband," the 18-year-old said.

"However, I talked to my family first and Alhamdulillah, they gave their blessings to the marriage."

"This is fate and as a second wife, I am ready to give in to Kak Sa and have no problem adjusting (myself to the lifestyle) because I have lived with her for a long time."

"In fact, I asked Kak Sa to wear a matching colour wedding dress because I wanted to celebrate the happy day with her," she added.

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