Woman Allegedly Finds Fried Rat Instead Of Chicken In Her Ayam Penyet Takeaway

The 'fried chicken' included in her meal had a tail connected to it, making many believe it to be a fried rat instead.

Cover image via (Instagram)

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A woman who was about to eat her ayam penyet takeaway had a change of heart when she noticed something was amiss with the fried chicken

In a 33-second video posted on Instagram, the woman can be seen picking at her 'fried chicken' as she discovers that it had something resembling a tail attached to it.

She continues to fiddle with the fried meat while calling out to her mother several times.

The screen-recorded video then shows another clip of the woman filming her meal. The clip includes a comment that reads, "I sell ayam penyet. I handle chicken every day. From just seeing the texture of the meat, it's already clear that it's not chicken."

She flips the meat over to show another side in response to the comment.

"This part looks like chicken, but I'm concerned about this part," she said as she showed the tail again.

Since being posted last week, the video has garnered over two million views and around 3,700 comments

Many of the commenters under the Instagram Reel by expressed their disgust because the meat was believed to be a fried rat.

One netizen commented, "We have to be careful ya! This will serve as a reason as to why it's better to cook for myself."

"I, who also sell chicken parts, am also confused about which part of meat it could be," wrote an Instagram user.

Another user also asked the important question as to how the woman still dared to touch the piece of fried meat.

Although there is no other information regarding the video, the incident is believed to have occurred in Indonesia.

Image via Instagram

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