Woman Butchers Live Chicken On The Spot Because She Wasn't Allowed To Bring It Onto Train

Where there's a will, there's a way.

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A woman found a quick solution after she was recently told by authorities that she could not bring a live chicken onto a train

In an incident caught on camera by a passerby at Chongqing subway station in China, the unnamed woman was stopped and told by staff that live animals were not allowed to be brought onto the subway.

However, the quick-thinking woman found a loophole in the regulations, Shanghaiist reported on Tuesday, 9 July.

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Although live chickens are banned, the woman discovered that dead ones were permitted because they are considered as food

Without a second thought, she walked over to a trash bin at the station and proceeded to butcher her live poultry on the spot.

Video footage showed her prepping the chicken while its legs wriggled in her hand.

The video which was posted on social media quickly went viral among Chinese netizens:

Apparently, this is not the first time travellers have slaughtered their fowl at train stations in China

Last year in May, a man butchered his live chickens when he was not allowed to enter Wenzhou South Railway Station, Shanghaiist reported.

In the same month, a woman also slit her live duck's throat at the station because of the policy.

Similarly, this woman devoured an entire durian when she was banned from entering a train station because of the fruit:

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