Woman Continues To Text COVID-19 Positive Husband Only To Find Out He Had Passed Away

On Thursday, 12 August, Azliza asked if she could video call her husband but didn't receive a reply. The hospital only called to inform her of his death the next day at 8.30pm.

Cover image via Harian Metro & Utusan Malaysia

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A woman in Kedah recently lost her husband to COVID-19 and she was not informed of his death until the next day

Utusan Malaysia reported that 37-year-old Azliza Mohd Rosli did not get to have a final look at her husband's face before he passed away at the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital in Sungai Petani.

On Thursday, 12 August, she had exchanged messages with her husband, Hamzah Md Yusuf, on WhatsApp and he informed her that he was going to be put in a medically induced coma.

Image via Utusan Malaysia

The woman begged her husband to wait before being put in a coma so she could video call him.

However, he stopped replying to her messages and she assumed that he was resting.

"After my late husband told me that he was going to be put in an induced coma, I asked him to wait for a bit so I can make a video call because he had difficulty answering phone calls due to shortness of breath," she explained to Utusan Malaysia.

"I begged for him to keep holding the phone and wait for a video call from me, but my wish wasn't fulfilled as he didn't answer," she added.

She told Harian Metro that she continued to text her husband as she assumed that he was only resting.

"I still tried to contact him because I didn't know he was already in a coma. Around 8.30pm (the next day), I received a call from the hospital informing me that my husband had passed away," she said.

The last message she sent her husband was "Good morning, love. Assalamualaikum, love."

Her husband passed away after nine days of receiving treatment for COVID-19 at the hospital

The deceased worked as a supervisor at a factory at Kuala Ketil and the couple met around seven years ago when they were both single parents after their previous spouses had passed away.

Hamzah had three children from his previous marriage and Azliza had two children from her previous marriage. Meanwhile, the couple had one child together.

All the children are currently living with Azliza whom they call 'Umi'. Azliza told Harian Metro that she is now struggling to provide for her family as her late husband was the sole breadwinner.

"I have never worked and am currently using the remaining money I have to support the family," she said.

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