Woman Delivers Her Baby Girl Safely In Car Thanks To Super Capable Policewoman

Hasliza is our superwoman of the week!

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It was just another day at work, but this law enforcer had to do something out of the ordinary. Meet Hasliza Abdul Jalil, a 25-year-old policewoman stationed at Kampung Tawas, Ipoh. She is also a stand in midwife!

Hasliza with the newborn baby.

Image via The Rakyat Post

A policewoman turned midwife today to help a woman give birth to a baby girl in the compound of the Kampung Tawas police station. The policewoman, Hasliza Abdul Jalil, 25, assisted the woman to deliver the baby in a car about 1.15pm.

Initially, the pregnant lady was driven by her husband to a nearby hospital for delivery. However, they realised they could not reach in time. That's when her quick thinking husband rushed to a nearby police station for help.

Mother with the newborn baby waiting to board the ambulance.

Image via Polisperak's Facebook

Look how happy the father is!

Image via Polisperak's Facebook

An ambulance was called in to take the mother and baby to a nearby hospital. Both of them are in stable condition.

Sum Chang Keong, the assistant police chief commissioner confirms the incident and congratulated the policewoman for her deed.

One last picture of the cute baby!

Virtual tabik to you, Hasliza!

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