MyTeksi Driver Lends All The Cash On Him To His Distressed Passenger

"Thank you Mr. Tamil Nesan, for your act of kindness!"

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On 20 March, MyTeksi shared an incident that serves as a great example of kindness and generosity where most would not expect.

The Facebook post detailed experience of a happy customer, whose name was not revealed, with one of its taxi drivers, Tamil Nesan.

The customer had booked a taxi from Laman Ceylon to KL Sentral.

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However, upon arriving at KL Sentral, he realised that 1. He left his wallet at home, 2. There was no time to grab it, and 3. He didn't have cash for his journey to Singapore.

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Panicked, he didn't know what to do. Seeing his customer in genuine distress, the MyTeksi driver then offered to lend him all the RM240 he had on him. Mr Nesan then asked him to repay the borrowed amount and taxi fare when he returned to Malaysia.

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A truly remarkable act of kindness, and as acknowledged by the grateful customer himself, such acts are rather unheard of these days. You're a champ, Mr. Tamil Nesan!

MyTeksi sent us this selfie taken by Mr. Tamil Nesan

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His kindness has won the heart of Malaysians:

Image via MyTeksi
Image via MyTeksi

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