Woman Left Frustrated After RM3 Doughnut Turns Out To Be An Icing-Covered Burger Bun

"If it's bread, call it bread, don't call it a doughnut," she said.

Cover image via Fatimah Mulyati (Facebook)

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A woman could not believe a doughnut she bought at a night market in Bachok, Kelantan was actually an icing-covered burger bun

The woman, Fatimah Mulyati, took to Facebook to express her frustration with the dishonest product, questioning the lack of responsibility shown by the vendor.

"I went to an expo at Pantai Irama today and saw these interesting, colourful doughnuts, so I bought a strawberry-flavoured one to try," she wrote.

"However, my daughter bit into it and we discovered that it's actually a BURGER BUN! Yes, a burger bun dipped in chocolate!

"And each one costs RM3!" she added.

Hoping that she misunderstood the vendor, Fatimah went back to the stall to seek clarification about what they are selling

"I was hoping that the vendor would say, 'Oh yes, we sell chocolate-dipped buns, not doughnuts'," said the parent, who would have accepted the explanation.

However, the vendor insisted that it was a doughnut.

Dissatisfied, Fatimah told the vendor that what she was selling was not a doughnut, but burger buns with holes punched out of them.

"This is bread dipped in chocolate. If it's bread, call it bread, don't call it a doughnut. A doughnut doesn't look like this," she told the vendor before walking away.

To make matters worse, Fatimah even heard the vendor ask her staff, "Is this bread?" as she left.

"Please stop deceiving people and earn an honest living for your family," Fatimah advised the vendor on Facebook.

Fatimah's Facebook post garnered over 340 shares and 200 comments, with netizens telling her that she was not the only victim

Another woman had also taken to Facebook over the weekend to complain about the "fake doughnut" she bought at a night market in Bachok.

"This is burger bread with a hole cut out in the middle and called a doughnut! If my food was too expensive or not tasty, I would usually not make a fuss. But this is cheating.

"If they had called it by the right name, nobody would be angry," wrote the other Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, others questioned if the vendor truly knew what a doughnut is.

"[Maybe the vendor thinks] as long as it has a hole in the middle, it's a doughnut. Ah, this is horrendous," said a netizen.

Image via Facebook

"Does the vendor know that they are viral? And still dare to sell them? If they were truly honest, they wouldn't have called it a doughnut. It would be 'burger buns with holes in the middle, like a doughnut'."

Image via Facebook

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