Woman Fined RM7,000 For Uploading Nudes Of Someone Her Husband Had An Affair With

She committed the crime at a nightclub in Kuala Lumpur.

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A 33-year-old pregnant woman was fined RM7,000 by the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court earlier today, 7 March, for uploading nudes of a woman her husband had an affair with

Bernama reported that Thai national Sirirat Pichetwanich pleaded guilty to the crime after charges were read out to her in English. 

Judge Norshila Kamaruddin, who delivered the sentence, ruled that the 33-year-old will be sent to jail for two months if she fails to pay the fine.

Sirirat paid the RM7,000 after the court proceedings ended.

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The 33-year-old reportedly uploaded the victim's nudes onto Facebook on 23 August 2018

Sirirat had used a Facebook account under the name 'IamthebonusIamthebonusiamthebonus' to upload nudes of the woman, who is also a Thai national. Harian Metro reported that the caption of the Facebook post was aimed to humiliate the victim.

She committed the crime at Kingsway Club in Kuala Lumpur last year.

Kingsway Club

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Court papers also revealed that the victim was notified about the pictures of her on Facebook. She then lodged a police report over it.

Upon investigation, Sirirat's husband told the police that she was the owner of Facebook account 'IamthebonusIamthebonusiamthebonus'.

Authorities added that the 33-year-old had uploaded the photos from her husband's phone.

Sirirat's lawyer had asked the court to deliver a lighter sentence as she is four months pregnant

Lawyer Datuk Suraj Singh added that the 33-year-old had two other children to take care of. 

However, deputy prosecutor Raya Zhafran Rahim Hamzah stressed that a heavy penalty should be imposed on Sirirat as a lesson to her. 

She was charged under Section 233(1)(a) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 for improper use of network facilities. Offenders of the provision could face a fine up to RM50,000 or a maximum jail sentence of one year, or both. 

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