Malaysian Student In UK Was Brutally Attacked With A Hammer At Her Hostel

"He struck me over and over again and I was screaming for help."

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A 23-year-old Malaysian university student was brutally attacked with a hammer at her hostel in UK recently

Abigail Asrina Amiruddin, who studies animation at Middlesex University, spoke to New Straits Times about the incident in a report yesterday, 6 March.

Abigail, who is from Kuching, Sarawak, relayed her experience to New Straits Times.

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On 28 February, Abigail shared that she was leaving the kitchen at her hostel after breakfast when she felt someone bash the back of her head

"He struck me over and over again and I was screaming for help. No one came," the student told the news daily.

The attacker left her with an 8cm gash on the back of her head. She also bore multiple injuries on her head and arms, which she had used to shield herself.

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The attacker was believed to have been another student who lives in the same hostel

At one point, Abigail revealed that she let out a loud scream, which caused the suspect to finally stop and flee the scene.

"I was bleeding badly by then all over the carpet. I crawled out to the courtyard where two students helped me and took me to the office," she said, according to the report.

Abigail was immediately rushed to St. Mary's Hospital where her injuries were treated.

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The suspect was described as a "loner" and was also allegedly carrying a knife in his pocket during the attack

According to Abigail, she had only met him twice in the kitchen and was not sure why she was targeted.

Each time she greeted him, the student would just "mumble something and walk away".

"It could have been anyone but it happened to me. I am just so lucky to be alive," she said, still traumatised from the incident.

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Following the attack, Education Malaysia London (EML) director Dr Shafie Mohamed Zabri has warned students to stay alert at all times

He also added that all students should register with EML.

In the case of an emergency, students are advised to contact the high commission and EML, Harian Metro reported.

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