Johor Woman Forced To Lodge A Police Report After Ex-BF Turns Out To Be An Abusive Idiot

The woman, a single mother of two, has been harassed by her ex-lover.

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Whoever said 'love makes you a better person', definitely didn't keep in mind the men who cannot handle rejection

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Take for example the case of Wong, a 42-year-old Chinese woman from Johor and her ex-boyfriend of seven years

The man is so jilted over her leaving him — after she had enough of his abusive and controlling ways — that he has resorted to doing vile things, ultimately proving how right she was to leave him.

According to a report in The Star Online, he is hell-bent on humiliating her.

While same age as the woman, the immature idiot has shared her nude photo with others and is accusing her of cheating him of his money.

She was in a relationship with the man since 2010

However, she but broke it off after she couldn't handle his controlling nature.

"She started keeping her distance around Chinese New Year this year, hoping that she could eventually end the abusive relationship," The Star Online quoted Datuk Seri Michael Chong, MCA Public Affairs and Complaints Department chairman, whom the woman had reached out to seek advice.

The man, on the other hand, started harassing her more.

He started calling her every night from an unknown number. He would call her some 20 times a night, but when she picks up, he would terminate the line.

Additionally, he has accused her of cheating him of his money.

"Her family members weren't spared the harassment, too," Michael Chong added.

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The harassment took an ugly turn when on 15 May the man sent Wong's nude photo to her sister, calling her a fraud

"He texted the next day to say he would share the picture with Wong’s other family and friends," Chong was quoted saying by The Star Online.

Scared for her life, the woman has now lodged a police report against the man at the Kulaijaya police station

The MCA Public Affairs and Complaints Department chairman said that the police are investigating the case. He also appealed to the man to stop harassing the woman who is a single mother of two teenage daughters.

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