Woman Horrified To Find Blood & Other Fluid Stains On Bed Sheets In Cherating Hotel Room

She spent a night sleeping on the blood and fluid stains before realising they were there.

Cover image via Farana Fariq (Facebook)

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A woman's brief stay at a hotel in Cherating, Pahang, took a horrifying turn when she discovered mysterious blood and fluid stains on the bed sheets of her hotel room

The woman, Farana, made a Facebook post detailing her horrible experience of sleeping in the hotel room for three days and two nights.

"I arrived at the hotel room at 3am and went straight to bed as I was too tired and my children were already asleep," she said.

She added that she did not turn on the lamp in her hotel room to inspect its condition. When she awoke the next morning, she was shocked to find blood and fluid stains all over her bed sheets.

She proceeded to call housekeeping and the hotel's manager to ask about the mysterious blood stains

Speaking with SAYS, Farana related that the hotel staff were also shocked to see the blood stains.

"They told me that this had never happened before, and the hotel manager asked me if I had checked the room's condition before spending the night there," she said.

"Because I didn't check the room's condition the night before, they were afraid that the blood stains came from us," she added.

The hotel's manager apologised to her and gave her the keys to a different room.

"After we got home, I looked up the hotel's online reviews, and it turns out they've had a lot of similar complaints from other guests," she said.

Farana advised the public to be mindful of others when staying at a hotel

"To the previous hotel guest, were you not disgusted after leaving your blood and semen all over the mattress? I don't care what you did in the hotel room, but think of other people who will see those stains," she said.

"I, unfortunately, spent a night on those stains. Imagine if there were viruses or bacteria in them" she complained.

Farana stated that she has learned her lesson and that no matter how tired she feels the next time she checks in, she will always check the room's condition before spending the night there.

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