Woman Fulfilled Late Mother's Wish By Including Her In An Early Graduation Photo Shoot

"Mummy, your oldest kid has graduated, she graduated 33 days early."

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A woman in Kota Bharu made a sweet gesture to honour her late mother's last wish before passing away

Jia Huan shared on Facebook that her mother had been excitedly looking forward to her graduation from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) in August.

However, she passed away a little over a month before the ceremony. Her wake was held on 14 July.

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In the midst of grieving, Jia Huan managed to honour her mother's last wish - to take a graduation family photo at the wake.

"We did a graduation shoot, 33 days before the actual ceremony," she wrote.

"You said before that on that day everyone would only look good if the whole family wore blue. Today, we wore just that. Even though Didi is wearing dad's clothes," the post read.

The student dressed her mom in blue too, as per her vision.

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"I'm not wearing UTAR's official graduation gown, but we'll settle for the [the makeshift graduation gown] as long as it looks like it," she added.

Jia Huan and her family smiled for the camera as they stood surrounding her mother's open casket

"Mummy, your oldest kid has graduated, she graduated 33 days early," she wrote.

Image via Facebook

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