7 Men Staged An Accident To Rob A Woman On Kajang SILK Highway

The incident took place in slow moving traffic at 10pm on Wednesday, 7 November.

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A Malaysian woman related her recent experience as a victim of a common fake accident tactic that happened while she was driving home on Kajang SILK highway

Lim Kerchwing uploaded a post on Sunday, 11 November, that has since gone viral with over 8,600 shares at the time of writing.

She shared that she was driving in slow moving traffic on Wednesday, 7 November, when a vehicle in front of her suddenly braked causing a motorcyclist to "hit" into her car from the back.

"When the car in front of me braked, a motorcyclist hit me from the back just like he can't manage to break, very natural, doesn't feel fake at all. Then he pretended his motor broke down, and stopped by the road side," she wrote.

Fortunately, Lim walked away from the incident with minor injuries.

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Another motorcyclist then appeared and asked the first motorcyclist loudly if he was able to move

"... another motorbike stopped next to my car and asked loudly, "Tak boleh gerak ke? Tak ok ke?"

Wanting to check if the man was seriously injured or if her car was damaged, Lim stepped out of her car with her phone with the intention to take photos if it was serious.

I didn't think too much since it's a high traffic area on a three-lane highway and everyone was driving slow.

She walked to the back of her car to ask if the motorcyclist was okay and noticed that something was not right

"He looked quite blur and pretended to check out his bike instead of answering my questions. So I [held] up my phone, wanted to take [a] picture of his bike, then I realise, there's no registration number at the front of his bike, and I felt something not very right," she wrote.

Just as Lim was about to snap a photo, the other motorcyclist said something to get her attention and reached out to grab her necklace. The two motorcyclists then sped off quickly.

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The victim said that two more motorcyclists then showed up while signalling to the previous guys and a total of seven men then stopped in front of her car

"Two guys came down running towards my car and went to my passenger side to take all [of] my valuables which includes my laptop bag, my purse (I don't use a handbag) then, [they] fled the scene," she revealed.

Unfortunately, Lim was unable to identify the motorbikes when she later tried to make a police report, as all four motorbikes had removed their registration number plates.

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Lim said that she was fortunate to have suffered only minor injuries from the whole incident. However, at the end of her post, she gave a few lessons from her experience.

She advised the public to:

- Put all handbags and valuables in the car boot,

- Install dash cams and rear cams,

- Choose routes that allow you to drive smoothly and fast, as jam areas allow robbers to fake small accidents, and

- Have general knowledge on motorbike models, as it will be helpful to inform police on what they should look out for.

"According to the police, they [robbers] don't take iPhone because it's easy to track location by finding my device function and it's difficult to unlock. So it's an extra advantage to consider [if] you were to invest [in an] iPhone," she wrote.

SAYS has since reached out to Lim and she mentioned that there have yet to be any updates on the case.

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