[VIDEO] Woman Gives Birth On Boat During Flood And Names Daughter 'Siti Nur Banjiriah'

The mother couldn't get to a hospital in time due to the flood.

Cover image via Ponk Burger (Facebook) & iNews

A woman in Indonesia recently gave birth on a boat as water levels rose in her area

TRIBUNnews reported that on Wednesday, 20 January, a woman named Ernawati went into labour while her house in South Kalimantan was struck by a flood.

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Two midwives rushed to Ernawati's aid and helped her get on a boat to be sent to a hospital.

However, while on the boat, Ernawati felt the baby crowning.

The midwives then assisted the birth on the spot. One of them told TRIBUNnews that Ernawati was already 4cm dilated when they got on the boat.

"When we arrived, Ernawati was already dilating and was ready to give birth," she said.

The baby girl was born in perfect condition and weighed 3.3kg.

Meanwhile, the mother told iNews, "Actually, it is not encouraged to give birth on a boat but I didn't have a choice because the place was flooded."

Image via iNews

In order to commemorate the event, the baby's parents decided to name her Siti Nur Banjiriah

A video of the birth has been making its rounds on social media.

In the clip, you can see the midwife holding the child while a man behind the camera says, "Praise to god, Siti Nur Banjiriah has been born."

Melahirkan di perahu, alhamdulillah Selalu sehat ibu dan anaknya Banjiriah jar ngarannya

Posted by Ponk Burger on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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