Woman Loses 10 Years Worth Of Memory After Taking A Dump

She suffered amnesia for eight hours.

Cover image via China Times

A woman in Hong Kong recently lost 10 years worth of memory after taking a dump at home

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Image via ET today

China Press reported that the woman had spent quite a while in the toilet due to constipation. 

According to China Times, the woman's amnesia lasted for eight hours.

Following the incident, she was sent to the hospital by her family

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via China Times

However, the woman's brain was found to be functioning normally, and she recovered from the memory loss after. 

She did not remember suffering from amnesia at all.

Doctors revealed that the woman's condition was caused by the excessive force she used while taking a dump

The short-term amnesia was reportedly caused by the excessive force exerted by the abdomen during constipation. 

The force causes a rise in abdominal and intra-cerebral pressure, which leads to a lack of oxygen in the brain. 

China Times reported that people who are often emotional or constantly carry heavy objects are at risk of suffering short-term amnesia as well.

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