Woman Murders Housemate And Cuts The Body Into Pieces Because He Killed Her Cat

Police believe that they have been in a long-running dispute.

Cover image via ABC 13 & Toronto Cat Rescue

A 41-year-old woman in Russia has been arrested for murdering her housemate, dismembering his body using a handsaw, and stuffing it into five plastic bags

Image via Ren-TV

Astro Awani reported that Anastasia Kh has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

She allegedly used a hammer to beat her housemate to death.

According to the police, she committed the murder because she believed her housemate had killed her cat

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Image via Toronto Cat Rescue

As reported by Daily Mail, the police said that the suspect and the victim were in a long-running dispute and that she blamed him for the death of her beloved pet.

The pair lived with two other people, who did not notice that the suspect had killed the man.

The woman travelled five kilometres to dispose of the body.

A man stumbled upon the plastic bags filled with bones and other remains of the body while walking his dog.

Image via Ren-TV

According to Mirror UK, investigators found that the woman travelled using a local minibus to the Kirov district of St Petersburg.

In an attempt to get rid of evidence, she had burned the bags in sand.

Police found leg bones, ribs, one shoulder, parts of the victim's pelvis and human skin in the plastic bags.

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