JB Woman Laments Having To Pull Off Eyelash Extensions To Renew Her Passport

She wants to remind other women that fake eyelashes are not allowed in their passport photos.

Cover image via Shakira Mamii (Facebook) & Sayuti Zainudin/Malay Mail

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A woman had to pull off her eyelash extensions after the Immigration Department told her that she would not be allowed to renew her passport with them on

Facebook user Shakira Mamii made a public service announcement to remind other women that fake eyelashes are not allowed in their passport photos after her own unpleasant experience.

The woman shared that she was at the Johor Bahru UTC in Galleria@Kotaraya shopping complex on Tuesday, 4 April, where she had walked in at 8.30am and waited for two hours.

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Image via Sayuti Zainudin/Malay Mail

To ensure a smooth process, she had done her best to wear the appropriate attire and tied her dyed hair up in a neat ponytail

"Initially, the immigration officer abang had no issue [with my appearance]," she said, adding that she also did not have any bangs or stray hairs in sight.

However, the female immigration officer from the next counter noticed her long eyelashes and reminded her colleague that they are not allowed.

"So, suddenly, the abang asked me to take off my eyelash extensions, even though I just got them done," she lamented.

She added that she tried reasoning with him, explaining that they were eyelash extensions, not fake eyelashes that were glued on, so she could not take them off on the spot.

However, the immigration officer showed her no leniency and asked her to come back to renew her passport after getting her lashes professionally removed at a salon.

Eventually, the woman said she went to the bathroom to pluck her eyelash extensions off "one by one"

"Even some of my own 'original' eyelashes were plucked off together," she cried.

However, she explained that she understood that the department wanted their features to be "original" in the photos and she did not want to make a return trip.

"I know that contact lenses and makeup is not allowed, but I really overlooked this point. After all, I think other women would agree with me that they see these extensions as their own eyelashes too," she said in good humour.

"My wronged caterpillars," she also wrote jokingly on the photo.

The Facebook user said she went to get her eyelashes fixed again on the very same night after getting her passport renewed with no further issues

She also thanked everyone for the concern in an update on Facebook, and assured that it did not hurt, although her heart ached when removing the extensions.

"This post is just to remind the ladies who have the habit of getting eyelashes extensions like me to pay attention to it when renewing their passports," she said.

"Of course, there are also many others who said they could pass with eyelashes on, but I don't think you should take the risk," she advised.

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