Taxi Drivers Threw Eggs At This Woman Because They Thought She Was An Uber Driver

The incident happened at the Kelana Jaya LRT station.

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Just over a month ago, several taxi drivers ganged up on an Uber driver - who was chaffeuring an Iranian couple - and trashed his car in KL Sentral

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Most recently, a woman who stopped by the Kelana Jaya LRT to pick up her friend was harassed by taxi drivers who thought she was an Uber driver

"As soon as she came up my car, a guy whose built was pretty tough and dressed in a white uniform with black slacks came shouting at me and my friend for no apparent reason," she wrote in a Facebook post dated 6 August.

At the time of writing, the post has been shared more than 4,000 times.

The harassment did not stop there. As soon as her friend boarded the woman's car, they heard a thump from behind. Another cabbie had thrown raw eggs at her car!

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It was then that she realised that both men were actually taxi drivers who'd attacked her, thinking she was a ride-sharing driver

She wrote, "First of all, where on my car did it state that I'm an UBER driver? You have failed to identify me as one and yet proceeded with your shameful act. Shame on you," she wrote.

Secondly, who gave you the right to verbally attack me and physically damage my car with precious eggs which are staple food to some people? Clearly, you have proven your intelligence. Instead of egg-ing me, can't you find business somewhere else?"

Concerned for their safety, she ignored the cabbies and quickly drove away. She then decided to return to the scene of the incident to get their number plates, but the "cowards" had already disappeared when she got there.

"I didn't go down as I prioritised my friend and my safety as we're clearly physically weaker than the group of taxi drivers," she wrote.

"So I made a U-turn and returned to the scene to record and hopefully gather evidence of their number plates. By the time I arrived, those cowards disappeared."

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"I never expected myself to be involved in the whole taxi/Uber drama, but now that it happened to me, an innocent civilian that has no affiliation with either party, I have no choice but to voice out my discontent and create awareness."

"How would the public even feel safe anymore in taxis?" she wrote.

"The only way to solve this is not by revenge, but through endurance and hope that we will get people's support and prove justice to them one day," she added, wrapping up her post.

In the comments section, several people related their own experiences with taxi drivers who attacked them based on their own inaccurate assumptions

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Several taxi drivers have resorted to dubious methods that endanger passengers of Uber and GrabCar since ride-sharing services became increasingly popular:

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