Woman Saves Her 12 Cats During Johor Floods As They Are Her Prized Possessions

She prioritised the safety of her pet cats and immediately evacuated them when the water began to rise.

Cover image via @bernamadotcom (Twitter)

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Faridah Idris, proved to be a true cat lover when she prioritised the safety of her 12 cats after predicting an incoming flood in Kampung Paya Merah Lama, Johor, on 24 January

According to Bernama, it was early in the morning when Faridah took note of the rising waters around her house due to the continuous overnight rain. The 12 pet cats in a cage outside her house became her first priority as they were her "prized possessions".

"It was around after dawn, I noticed the water rising very quickly after continuous rain overnight," she told the national news agency.

"In my mind, I just wanted to save my cats."

Faridah's neighbourhood was among the worst affected by the floods, with the water rising up till waist level

When the incident happened, Faridah's husband, Ahad Musa, was sending their son back to Batu Pahat and therefore, was not around.

"I was not very well, and so I immediately asked my other child to help me move the cats onto my husband's lorry," Faridah told Bernama while cleaning her residence.

"Alhamdulillah, all the cats are safe."

However, this victory did come with a sacrifice. The family is upset over the lost of almost half of their 60 pet chickens due to the flood.

According to Faridah, all her chickens were kept in cages, and the family had raised these chickens as pets, not for trading. The strong currents had damaged two cages, setting their chickens off into the waters.

"In such a chaotic situation, it was difficult to save each one, especially when some of them flew off," added Faridah.

Her village has always been prone to flooding due to its low-laying terrain. However, she added that the problem of clogged drains in her village had intensified the flood, making it one of the worst they have experienced. 

"Many of the drains here are clogged with tree branches and palm leaves. I hope the local authorities can help clean them, otherwise, the villagers will suffer," she said.

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