Woman Seen Burying Used Diaper On Beach And Now Part Of Boracay Needs To Be Closed

Another woman was seen washing the child's privates in the ocean.

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This is Boracay, white pristine sand and clear blue waters – the perfect holiday spot for tourists to enjoy nature at its best

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Unfortunately, not many can appreciate its beauty.

A recent video has gone viral showing a tourist burying a used diaper in the sand on one of Boracay's beaches.

On 13 August, Facebook user Hazel Ann shared a video of a woman washing her child's privates in the ocean, while another woman appeared to bury the kid's used diaper in the sand.

According to a tweet posted by @ianni, the tourists were believed to have been from China.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

"The island has trash bins scattered along the front beach and they really chose to place it in the sand," the tweet read.

Several locals and foreigners in the area apparently reprimanded the tourists but the women ignored them

"[They] just acted like they were deaf and headed back to the water to continue washing the kid," she wrote.

The Twitter video has since received over 17,200 retweets, while a Facebook video has over 16,000 shares.

Image via Twitter

The incident led authorities to shut down part of the beach on Wednesday, 14 August, for a 48- to 72-hour cleanup

Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat said that the area had to be cordoned off and swimming was banned during the cleanup, reported ABS-CBN News.

Image via ABS-CBN News

Aside from looking for the alleged buried diaper, authorities are also searching for the tourists who will be charged for violating the law

Boracay Interagency Rehabilitation Group General Manager Natividad Bernardino said that the women in the video will be filed charges for violating its Anti-Littering Law.

The law prohibits polluting, urinating, and spitting in public places.

To prevent this from happening again, Bernardino added that they are looking into giving airline pamphlets on the do's and don'ts and the proper way of throwing garbage on the island.

You can watch the full video here:

After a six-month closure, tourists were still seen tossing garbage around Boracay last year:

Meanwhile, Malaysians were recently urged by the Prime Minister to keep our public toilets clean:

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