Public Toilets Are Disgusting Because Malaysians Don't Value Other Users, Dr M Says

Civic education will mould Malaysians to be to more responsible, concerned, and considerate.

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How many times have you walked into a public restroom and regretted your decision immediately?

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Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad feels the same way

At the launch of Civic Education on 13 August, Dr Mahathir said, "I feel very embarrassed when I inspect public toilets in Malaysia. Most of the time, they are filthy and stinking," reported Free Malaysia Today.

Dr Mahathir at the launch of Civic Education.

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According to Dr Mahathir, the cleanliness of public toilets reflect the state of civic-mindedness among the people

He added that toilets in other countries are cleaner because people value the rights of other users.

"It's because they feel they have a responsibility and appreciate the public perception of them. As such, they will keep themselves clean and will not do anything that dirties the toilets," as reported by The Star.

The prime minister cited Japan as a model for high levels of civic consciousness. He told The Star, "The children will fold the food wrapper and only throw it in waste baskets or bins by the roadside."

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Dr Mahathir believes that civic education will mould Malaysians to be more responsible, concerned, and considerate

He told New Straits Times, "It is not only our children who need to be civic minded, but teachers as well, as they will be able to absorb these values."

The subject was re-introduced to schools in June and has been incorporated into Bahasa Melayu, English, Islamic Education, Moral Education, and History.

According to Asia One, Dr Mahathir said "With its people being civic-minded, Malaysia will be progressive and clean and will be looked upon well by the world."

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