Woman Shares Her Experience With Deaf GrabFood Rider As Reminder To Be Kind

The GrabFood rider roamed around the woman's neighborhood for almost an hour to find her house.

Cover image via AFP via The Asean Post & The Straits Times

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A woman's Facebook post has gone viral for sharing her experience of receiving an order from a GrabFood rider who she did not know has a hearing and speech impairment

In the post published on 23 February, Bonda Nor said she ordered yong tau fu on GrabFood and the delivery was expected to arrive between 6.15pm and 6.45pm that day.

However, when it was time, Bonda did not see any rider in front of her house.

"I was so annoyed because I don't like to open the door when it's almost time for maghrib," she wrote.

"Between 6.15pm and 6.45pm, I received many calls from the same number. I usually don't pick up calls from unknown numbers. But because I was waiting for GrabFood, I picked it up as I was afraid they couldn't find my house."

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Image via AFP via The Asean Post

However, when she picked up the call, she did not hear a single response from the other end

"Five minutes later, they called again. I picked up and it was silent," Bonda shared.

According to her, the rider kept calling and not making any sound every time the call connected. The situation led her to think that the rider was pulling a prank on her.

"It was getting on my nerves!" she exclaimed.

"At about 7pm, I clicked into the inbox on Grab to check the messages."

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Image via PYMNTS

Once she saw the messages, she burst into tears

"My tears started streaming," she lamented.

It turns out that the rider has a speech and hearing impairment.

Bonda said the rider tried to call her repeatedly in order to get her attention to check her inbox on GrabFood.

"The rider told me ahead that they can't speak or hear. But I didn't check my inbox. I didn't know," she said.

"For almost an hour, the rider roamed around the neighbhourhood to find my house in order to send me the food I so desperately wanted to eat." 

"The sky was getting darker and they still didn't know where to send the food to. But they did not give up and was patient."

Bonda said she cried and felt extremely guilty for causing the rider so much trouble

She stressed that the rider worked so hard to make a living and the particular order only made them RM3.

Bonda gave the rider a RM10 tip and a five-star review, but she felt it was not enough.

She apologised for her prejudice and only thinking of herself but not about others. She said the purpose of sharing her experience was to inform the members of the public not to repeat her mistake.

In an update, Bonda revealed that she had contacted Grab in order to get the rider's contact details as she wanted to help the rider more.

SAYS has reached out to Bonda, but has yet to receive a response.

Bonda gave the rider a RM10 tip.

Image via Bonda Nor (Facebook)

Bonda's first Facebook post detailing the incident has gone viral with over 7,700 likes and 3,300 shares

Hundreds of netizens said the post had moved them to tears.

"So sad, Bonda. They are a noble person. Allahu Akbar. Truly their tongue does not hurt and their ears do not sin," read a top comment.

Another added, "Reading it brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing, Bonda. We must always give them the benefit of the doubt. May the affairs of the rider be eased."

"I'm tearing. We waste food every now and then, but there are people out there who struggle to make RM4," a netizen lamented.

Image via Facebook

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