Woman Sneezes Onto Security Guard Because She Was Denied Entry Into Shopping Mall

She has been sentenced to 11 weeks of imprisonment.

Cover image via Wong Kwai Chow/The Straits Times & JAMA Network (YouTube)

A woman who was denied entry into a shopping mall in Singapore was recently sentenced to jail time for intentionally sneezing on the security guard

Sun Szu-Yen, who is from Taiwan, was not allowed to enter Ion Orchard shopping mall because she had not worn a face mask.

The 46-year-old had told the security guard, "You get it? You get it already!" before taking her passport out of her bag and saying, "I am China. I am Taiwan".

The Straits Times reported that the incident took place in April amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Following standard operating procedures (SOPs), the security guard had to ensure that Sun filled out a form with her details and reminded her to wear a mask

CCTV footage captured Sun pulling out a scarf to wrap around her mouth, indicating that she will use that.

But when the security guard refused to let her enter the mall, the 46-year-old purposely sneezed in her direction.

Sun also told her to "shut up" and "do your work", as the guard tried to stop her from scribbling out her name on the form.

On Thursday, 10 September, the woman was sentenced to 11 weeks of imprisonment

Sun, who was unrepresented, pled guilty to one count of performing a rash act and an unrelated harassment charge.

TODAYonline reported that the accused has been on a long term pass in Singapore and has not been suffering from any mental illness.

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