Woman Warns Others After Stranger Attempts To Open Her Car Door In KL Mall Car Park

She wrote that the man wore a scarf that covered his face.

Cover image via May Qi/Facebook

A woman recently took to Facebook to warn others after having faced a terrifying incident while she was in Mid Valley Megamall's car park

At 9.36pm on 6 August, May Qi was about to head home when she saw a man with "a scarf covering his face" slowly approach her vehicle.

According to her Facebook post, within two minutes, the man hit her passenger's side mirrors and attempted to open the front passenger's car door. 

Image via May Qi/Facebook

When he realised that it was locked and could not open it, he tried to open the door behind the front passenger's seat

Panicking, she pressed her car horn for help.

While she continued to press the horn, she managed to film the stranger standing next to her car after his failed attempts at opening the doors.

Posted by May Qi on Thursday, August 6, 2020

In a video she posted, a security guard showed up and the man was seen calmly walking away as if nothing had happened.

Image via May Qi/Facebook

Terrified by what could have occurred had she not been able to lock her doors in time, May Qi warns other drivers to be careful, especially single women

According to her, this is not the first time that she has heard of such incidents happen at the mall but she never expected it to happen to her.

SAYS has seen and can confirm that May Qi has since filed a police report as well as reported it to the mall. However, she has yet to receive any response at the time of writing.

Image via May Qi/Facebook

Mid Valley released a statement yesterday, 10 August, confirming that the incident had occurred at the mall's car park

After conducting a body search on the man and finding no harmful objects or identification certificate, the mall's security guard escorted him out of the mall.

"We would like to assure members of the public that we are monitoring the mall premises and its surroundings closely, as the health and safety of our visitors and as well as tenants remain our utmost priority," they added in the statement.

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