Woman Who Gave Birth During Uni Test Threw Her Baby In A Pond And Then Went Back To Class

She did not get herself checked for pregnancy despite her last period being in March.

Cover image via Bali Express

A woman in Indonesia has been arrested for leaving her newborn baby in a fishing pond

20-year-old Simprosa Dobe from East Nusa Tenggara was taking a test at her university when she felt a pain in her hips on 19 July, Coconuts Bali reported.

She went to the bathroom and realised that she was bleeding.

The woman, who did not know she was pregnant, was shocked to see a baby's head emerge from her vagina

After delivering the baby boy, Simprosa smothered him to stop his crying.

"Her smothering resulted in the baby losing consciousness," chief of the Denpasar Police Ruddi Setiawan said, as quoted by Kumparan.

The baby was already dead when she threw him in a nearby fishing pond. The 20-year-old then returned to class to finish the test.

Local residents stumbled upon the dead baby floating in the pond after noticing a bad odour.

After questioning witnesses around the area, Simprosa was arrested on 21 July.

The woman confessed that she acted out of panic as she thought that her partner, the father of the baby, was not going to take responsibility

Image via Bali Express

"The suspect panicked [at the time], because she didn't know she was pregnant. According to her confession, she did not get herself checked for pregnancy and said that she last got her period in March," Ruddi said, as quoted by Bali Express.

Under Indonesia's 2002 Child Protection Law, Simprosa faces a maximum sentence of 15 years' imprisonment. 

"This is considered violence against children that resulted in death," Ruddi said.

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