Woman Who Posted Viral Photo Of Postman Arrested For Allegedly Using It To Scam M'sians

However, a netizen who originally shared the story of the postman has since denied that she is a scammer.

Cover image via Masakan Utara Barat/Facebook & Amye (Provided to SAYS)

Social media has been abuzz about a Pos Malaysia employee, who did not receive a bonus this year. Moved by his plight, netizens offered to help.

However, after the issue blew up with media outlets including SAYS reporting on the postman's plight, Pos Malaysia now claims that posts on social media platforms seeking donations could be scams.

The company also warned the public against sharing postings that are deemed "defamatory in nature", according to a report in Bernama.

"The online outcry was sparked by 'Masakan Utara Barat' social media post, showing a Pos Malaysia delivery rider crying on the steps of a home after delivering a parcel," the company said.

"We applaud the swift action by the police in bringing the scammer to justice and putting a stop to further exploitation of kindness from Malaysians."

The police have reportedly arrested a suspect involved in one such scam on Facebook.

However, the alleged scammer on Facebook has defended herself, vowing that the story of the postman living on the breadline is true

Amye, the person behind the account 'Masakan Utara Barat', apologised over the issue on a Facebook post last night, 21 May, but stated that she only wanted to help the postman who did not receive his bonus.

"I never expected it would reach this situation. In all honesty, I did not spend a single penny from the donation," said Amye, a name she identified herself with when she spoke to SAYS for the story on Monday, 18 May.

"I swear to Allah that I did not lie. No money was deposited into my bank account. I hope the public does not misunderstand."

She also asked if there is any willing party that can help her to get out of this situation.

In an earlier post, Amye said she wished that the police will take action against "parties who don't know anything" when the investigation paper is opened

She apologised for any mistakes she has made on her part and that she will bear the full responsibility. She also vowed that she will only speak the truth.

Amye then called out those who used the postman's story to ask for donations, adding that she will not hesitate to lodge a police report against them from thereon.

Amye had on Monday provided SAYS with photos of the postman's living quarter after she visited his house to give him some essentials during this trying time.

Image via Amye (Provided to SAYS)

Amye's viral post about the postman has since been taken down

When speaking to SAYS for the story on Monday, she insisted on not providing any bank account numbers as she was afraid some parties would misunderstand her intention.

When asked about the name of her Facebook account - 'Masakan Utara Barat' - she said that it was the name of her restaurant, which she intended to reopen soon.

However, it is worth noting that SAYS is unable to verify the information provided by Amye.

Prior to this, Pos Malaysia responded to the issue by stating that they will protect the livelihood of their employees:

The issue blew up over the weekend after photos of a postman crying under the rain went viral: