Women Detained After Lodging Police Report Against PDRM Officer In Alleged MCO Rape Case

They are being investigated in regards to human trafficking.

Cover image via Fikri Yusof/Selangorkini

Three Mongolian women have been detained after they lodged a police report against a Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) officer, who was recently alleged to have abducted and raped two women at a roadblock in Petaling Jaya

A lawyer confirmed with Malaysiakini that he was contacted by the Mongolian Consulate to represent the women at the Petaling Jaya Magistrate's Court.

The women have been detained under a 21-day interim protection order because police claim that they are considered victims of human trafficking

"We have instructions to [file an application to] set aside the interim protection order. The [Mongolian] Consulate was shocked at what happened to the three women," lawyer Mathew Thomas Philip was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini.

"Today, we initially thought we were going to the [Magistrate's] Court because of an interim protection order related to the rape [investigation].

"But suddenly, we were told that the interim protection order was for [police investigation into] human trafficking.

"It was just a case of the three women going to help [the Mongolian rape victims] and suddenly they found themselves under the interim protection order."

He said that the women do not feel the need to be under the interim protection order, adding that they just want to go home [to Mongolia] and for the Consulate to ensure their safety.

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On Friday night, 10 April, two Mongolian women were arrested at a Movement Control Order (MCO) roadblock in Petaling Jaya for failing to explain why they were not carrying valid travel documents

It was alleged that the police officer had then brought the women to a hotel instead of lock-up and raped them.

Through a text message, the two victims had asked for help from their friends to report the incident to the police.

On 11 April, a police team arrived at the scene and told the women to lodge a police report, which they did and returned home.

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The lawyer explained that the next day, the three women who had lodged the report were arrested at their homes

Personal information and photos of them at the police station from their smartphones were somehow leaked onto social media.

"They are more fearful, they came to help the two Mongolian women [rape victims], and then they get put under an interim protection order and then the information on their smartphones was released," Philip explained, according to Malaysiakini.

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