Football Stars Are Sending Words Of Encouragement To Thai Boys Trapped In Cave

It is a race against time as authorities try to rescue the boys, before the predicted monsoon rains hit this weekend.

Cover image via Thai Navy Seal/Sportskeeda

The football team of twelve boys and their coach, who went missing in a cave in northern Thailand, were finally found 10 days later on Monday, 2 July

Image via Thai Navy Seal

Two weeks ago, the boys and their coach had gone into the 10km long cave after football practice. Unfortunately, flood waters began to rise, trapping the team inside.

During the week that followed, Thai Navy Seal divers, a team of more than 30 American military personnel from the US Pacific Command, and three British diving experts attempted to rescue them.

Families of the boys prayed and waited in anticipation for any form of good news on the return of their sons.

After a long and painstaking search for many days, the group was finally found by two British divers

Video footage posted by the Thai Navy Seal showed the kids alive and well, wrapped in foil blankets, and awaiting help.

Although, they are still trapped inside the cave, rescue teams have been tirelessly working round-the-clock to drain out as much water as possible in order for the kids to get out.

Divers are also training the boys to breathe through scuba equipment to prepare for a possible attempt at leaving the cave. It was said that the boys would need to learn to dive or may end up having to wait up to four months for flood waters to recede.

It is a race against time as authorities try to rescue the boys, before the predicted monsoon rains hit this weekend. 

Image via Sofrep

With World Cup season well underway, the boys have caught the attention of many, including Brazilian football star Ronaldo

"It is terrible news and the world of football hopes that someone can find a way to take these kids out of there," he told reporters at a FIFA media event.

Image via segmentnext

According to CNN Sport, FIFA said that they have been checking in with the Football Association in Thailand on updates regarding the boys' situation.

"It is with great joy that we have received the news that the 12 boys and their football coach have been found alive after nine days missing in a flooded cave in Thailand," said FIFA in a statement.

The governing body continued by expressing their hope for the boys and their coach to be safely brought out of the cave and reunited with their families.

Austrian footballer of Leicester City Christian Fuchs also encouraged the boys to "be strong"

Image via Rex Features

Fuchs said that Leicester City football club have "very strong ties" with Thailand and he has been closely following the rescue efforts of the 12 players and their coach.

"I wish everybody all the best with their rescue efforts and I'm sure everything will be turning out well," he told CNN Sport.

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