Worldwide Concern For Premature M'sian Baby Leads To RM1.2 Million Raised In A Day

The baby was born in Singapore at only 24 weeks old.

Cover image via One Hope Charity & Welfare

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Well-wishers around the world have raised RM1.2 million for a Malaysian premature baby born in Singapore, just a day after the urgent fundraiser was announced

"Both her parents and the public from all over the world have given the infant who was born at just 24 weeks the faith to fight for her life," said Penang-based organisation, One Hope Charity & Welfare on Monday, 1 March.

The charity achieved its goal within 29 hours of publishing the donation campaign on 28 February on its website.

"Not only were donations received from donors in Malaysia, but contributions also came from Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, the United States, and many other countries, giving blessings to the strong-willed preemie," said the registered non-profit organisation (NGO).

The extremely premature baby, Eloise Ang Xuan Riu, was born in Singapore after her parents who worked there did not manage to return to Malaysia in time

Her parents, 32-year-old Ang Theam Seah and 29-year-old Koh Pei Ying, planned to deliver the child back in Sungai Petani, Kedah when Koh was at least 32 weeks pregnant.

Unfortunately, on 22 February, Koh went through preterm labour at only 24 weeks after a few days of experiencing abdominal pain. She was rushed to a hospital in Singapore where her daughter was delivered in emergency.

The charity said Eloise weighed only 670g and was the size of an adult hand when delivered

While her body appeared fully developed, they said many of her internal organs such as her lungs and her brain were not. She was admitted to the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) immediately to be placed in an incubator and be given breathing aid.

"Her skin was nearly transparent so that her bloodstream can be seen with the naked eye. Not only must she be taken great care of, she has to be constantly monitored even for the most minute changes," they said.

The doctors advised Ang and Koh that Eloise has to stay in an incubator until she reaches an appropriate gestational age, which may be another 160 days.

The new parents sought the help of One Hope Charity when they found out the medical fee was estimated to be SGD400,000 (RM1.25 million) for the whole duration.

The baby's growth and development has been positive so far

"Her body weight has gradually increased, and the baby can be safely incubated until her growth development is stable," said the charity, announcing the completion of the fundraiser on Monday.

"If her condition is stable, the hospital can arrange for her transfer back to a hospital in Malaysia for observation."

These compassionate Malaysians also went all out to help their fellow countrymen in need:

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