You Will Need A University Degree To Work In Public Toilets Of This Chinese City

"They're not cleaners."

Cover image via South China Morning Post

The district urban management in Wuhan in China’s Hubei province is looking for public toilet managers. Here’s the kicker - applicants must have a university degree to qualify for the position.

According to the job advertisement, which was posted on Wuhan's Municipal Human Resources And Social Security Bureau website, applicants are required to have at least a bachelor's degree. 

The job description states that successful applicants would be responsible for managing and maintaining public toilets in the entire district.

Image via USA Today

Since the ad was posted last week, Chinese netizens couldn’t help but to poke fun at the job’s education requirements

According to South China Morning Post, one netizen wrote that his degree may not qualify him to clean toilets in China. Another joked about the supervisor of a public toilet manager would need a Master's degree to get their job.

Other Chinese netizens joined in to ridicule the job posting as well. 

Image via Sina News

"How many cleaner positions are there left for Shanghai's master's degree holders?" a netizen wrote.

Image via Sina News

"(This job is) suitable for young people who have no direction in their lives," another netizen mocked.

In defence of the requirements, an official of the district urban management committee said that they have always been in place for the position

"They're not cleaners. They are responsible for management," he said, adding that managers are assigned to run several public toilets and their duties include daily patrols and overseeing maintenance. 

The official also emphasised that the urban management committee values talent and the fact that the committee is getting talented people to run toilets shows how serious they are about public toilets. 

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While we can't confirm if the manager for this public toilet in Batu Pahat is a degree holder, they're certainly doing an amazing job:

The people using public toilets, however:

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