Singapore Will No Longer Stamp Your Passport When You Leave

The new system will be implemented from 22 April onwards.

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Beginning 22 April onwards, foreigners will no longer need to have their passports stamped when leaving Singapore

Singapore's Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) made the announcement in a press release today, 17 April, claiming that it will help speed up immigration lines and streamline procedures. 

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Previously, foreigners would need to have their passports stamped with the date of departure at immigration counters before leaving Singapore

Since September 2016, travellers' fingerprints would be enrolled via the BioScreen system upon their arrival in Singapore making them eligible to use automated lanes when they leave the country.

However, to facilitate a more efficient departure, the new system will not require departure immigration endorsements, such as stamps on travel documents and passports.

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On Monday, 15 April, ICA revealed that a facial recognition system is currently being tested to replace fingerprints and passports for those travelling in and out of Singapore

According to ICA, the new system will capture the facial and iris images of travellers in the automated lane, verify their identity, and confirm that they have a valid passport.

The process will reportedly take less than 60 seconds.

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In recent news, Touch 'N Go and EZ-Link will be launching a dual currency card that can be used in both countries:

Earlier this month, Singaporean tourists were reported to have been avoiding Johor Bahru because of immigration delays:

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