[QUIZ] What Kind Of Malaysian Football Fan Are You Really?

Are you gila bola or tumpang glamour?

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After four long years of waiting, the 2018 FIFA World Cup is finally here!

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With 32 teams to cheer on to the final, there are just so many different kinds of fans out there! From the die-hard footie lover to the lalang "glory hunter" fan... You know what we mean ;)

Wanna know what kind of Malaysian football fan you really are? Take this quiz to find out!

Whether you're a hardcore gila bola fan, a tumpang glamour fan, or something in between, we've got awesome news for you

As the main official broadcast sponsor of 2018 FIFA World Cup on RTM, Maxis is bringing you 41 out of the 64 matches. Malaysian fans can rejoice and catch all the magic of the beautiful game for FREE on RTM! ^_^

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And if that's not enough for the super semangat fans that live and breathe football, you can also watch all 64 matches live in full HD with a special match pass at just RM1.

Here's how you can get the match passes:

1. Tap the Maxis Bola Raya banner on your MyMaxis, Hotlink RED, or Hotlink Flex apps. 
2. Choose the match pass that you want and confirm purchase. You'll receive a coupon code after that. 
3. Key in the coupon code on the Astro GO app to watch the match!

You'll also enjoy FREE data streaming on top of that to watch the match with Maxis Match passes. Pretty sweet right? Now you can celebrate Raya and watch your favourite team play live at the FIFA World Cup anytime, anywhere. Just catch it "on the go" anywhere and anytime on Malaysia's No.1 4G network! 

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But wait, that's not all! 

Maxis is shaking things up again using augmented reality. (Remember how cute their AR lion dance was during CNY?!) This time, it's all about their interactive Maxis Bola Raya app.

The app will magically transform your baja raya into your favourite team jersey using AR. It's the first AR jersey ever!

Download the app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Watch this video to see all the awesome ways Maxis is bringing football to you this World Cup season:

Enjoy Raya and the World Cup like never before with Maxis! Woot woot!

So what kind of Malaysian football fan are you really? Share your quiz results in the comments section below!

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