Team Malaysia Just Won The First Gold Medal Of The 2017 SEA Games

#KitaJuara indeed!

Cover image via Twitter @myTeamMAS

Days ahead of the official kick-off for the Kuala Lumpur 2017 SEA Games this weekend, Team Malaysia has already won their first gold medal!

The national chinlone squad clinched the top spot for the Sepak Takraw (Men's Chinlone) event earlier today after beating the Philippines 391 to 271 in the final point count. This is also the Games' first gold medal.

Image via Twitter @KL2017

Malaysia's men's chinlone team, led by Muhammad Faiz Roslan, also includes Mohammad Kamal Aizat Azmi, Ab Muhaimi Che Bongsu, Putera Aidil Israfi Kamaruzaman, Muhamad Asyraaf Abd Hadi, Izuan Afendi Azlan, Mohd Nazuha Mohd Nadzli, and Iskandar Zulkarnain Salim. The national chinlone squad is coached by Mohd Yusoff Abdullah.

'Negaraku', the first national anthem to be played at the 29th Southeast Asian Games. :')

For those of you who are not sure what chinlone is, it's actually a variant of sepak takraw combining the elements of the sport and dance

Image via Twitter @KL2017

Typically played by six people, the game is similar to sepak takraw (players try to pass the ball between each other within a circle), except in chinlone, the players are walking while passing the ball, with one player in the centre of the circle.

The national chinlone squad will play in three other categories, namely the non-repetition primary, same stroke, and non-repetition event secondary.

Congratulations on your win, boys! Here's to many, many more gold medals for Team Malaysia!

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