Malaysia Showed What Team Spirit Really Means At The World Cup Qualifier Against Indonesia

'Kami Selalu Ada' is stuck in our heads right now.

Cover image via Twitter @NizamArchibald & Fox Sports

Malaysia defeated Indonesia 2-0 in a glorious game of football during the joint qualifier for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and 2023 Asian Cup last night, 19 November

Crowd favourite winger Safawi Rasid brought the game home - scoring a free kick after drawing a foul in the 29th minute to make it 1-0, before scoring another goal in the 72nd minute.

The MVP of last night's match, Safawi Rasid.

Image via Semuanya BOLA

Equally worthy of attention though, were the Harimau Malaya fans - also known as the Ultras Malaya - for their relentless team spirit inside and outside of Bukit Jalil National Stadium, KL.

Here were the many ways they have captured attention online:

The Ultras Malaya had rhythm and, more impressively, a drum line

Feel amazed watching these thousands of fans singing and jumping in unison in support of our national football team.

They were energetically bouncing to a fan-favourite football chant 'Demi Malaysia'.

The fans literally spelled out their national pride while 'Negaraku' played at the opening ceremony

As the national anthem aired over the stadium, the audience stood up in attention, making an incredible 'tifo' displaying a single word - 'Malaysia'.

But seriously, what is a football game without the fans?

Watch as almost all the 85,000 spectators sing a Harimau Malaya favourite chant 'Kami Selalu Ada' in beautiful chorus.

I kind of feel sorry for the 6,000 Indonesian fans who came all the way to see the game.

Diehard fans who watched the match at home also caught on to the contagious team spirit

These fans singing 'Kami Selalu Ada' along to their television at home while waving the Jalur Gemilang brought tears to my eyes.

Finally, some fans made the most of the game with these hilarious tweets

This guy added drama to Rashid's already awe-inspiring goals.

While some fans were still salty over the incident that happened in Jakarta.

Image via Twitter @sfax25

Congratulations, Harimau Malaya!

Image via EcoWorld

Unfortunately, some fans took it to the extreme as 41 people, Malaysians included, were arrested last night:

The last time Malaysia faced Indonesia in a match, it didn't end well either:

Meanwhile, here's a list of all the athletes who have qualified for the 2020 Olympics so far:

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