Why Are Manchester United Fans Labelling The New Women’s Kit “Sexist”?

Adidas has since defended the design of Manchester United’s new women’s shirt after it was branded sexist by fans.

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Last Saturday (1 August), Adidas unveiled the highly anticipated jersey kit for Manchester United to kick off a 10-year and £750 million (RM4.5 billion) deal

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It is the first strip made by the German sportswear manufacturer since they signed a 10-year, £750m partnership with the Premier League club. Before that United had been with Nike for 13 seasons.


However, Adidas's new partnership with the Red Devils are off to a rocky start - the women's design, which is a replica of the men's, but with a low plunging neck line, has come under heavy scrutiny on social media

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The jersey on the left is designed for women while the jersey on the right is designed for men.

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The neckline is much lower compared to the mens.

Twitter user @manutdgirl was among the first few to notice the difference

She also pointed out that Nike, who have made Manchester United's jersey for the past 13 seasons had a more 'modest' design to its jerseys

Many agreed the jersey was showing too much skin

But some didn't feel the same way

Adidas has defended the design, saying they took to account what fans would want to wear

“Based on research from fans, we also offer a women’s shirt as part of our lifestyle range of products. This range has a slightly different design and fit to give fans a choice.”


It said the women's jersey "has a slightly different design" and is "fit to give fans a choice." The company added it has also designed women's jerseys for teams such as Chelsea and Real Madrid and had no complaints.


And the award for 'Best Man Utd Fan' goes to this guy...