Netizens Outraged After M'sian Silat Artist Knocked Unconscious By Filipino Opponent

"He had fallen down but he still kicked him in the face. Unbelievable."

Cover image via Aizuddin Saad/New Straits Times

Malaysian silat artist Mohd Faizul Nasir was taken to the hospital after he was knocked unconscious at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games (2019 SEA Games) in the Philippines

According to Stadium Astro, Faizul received a kick in the face by Dines Dumaan, who was representing the host nation, while competing in the second round of the men's 50-55kg tanding event yesterday, 3 December.

Mohd Faizul Nasir (left) going against Filipino opponent, Dines Dumaan, in the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Centre yesterday.

Image via Aizuddin Saad/New Straits Times

As the two-time defending champion was unable to continue, his opponent was awarded the victory

One of the top silat artists in Malaysia, Faizul won gold medals at the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore as well as in the games in Kuala Lumpur two years ago.

He also emerged a silver medallist at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

In an update by the Youth and Sports Deputy Minister Steven Sim Chee Keong, the 31-year-old has gained consciousness and is in stable condition

According to Malay Mail, Faizul had to undergo a CT scan at a medical centre in Clark.

The deputy minister gave assurance that Faizul would receive the best care and they would continue to monitor his condition.

Sim (right) and deputy chef de mission for the Malaysian contingent, Nurul Huda Abdullah, visiting Faizul at the medical centre.

Image via Steven Sim Chee Keong/Facebook

As of writing, #SEAGames2019Fail is trending on Twitter as netizens called out Dumaan for poor sportsmanship

In a viral tweet attached with a video by Berita RTM, Twitter user @RimauXI highlighted that the host nation athlete had kicked Faizul in the face after he had fallen on the ground.

"He had fallen down but he still kicked him in the face," he said, "Unbelievably arrogant. Unbelievable."

This Twitter user was also angry that the medical team was late to attend to the fallen Faizul, as reported in the video by Berita RTM.

"How can you stoop so low, Philippines? Your athlete kicked ours, then was awarded the winner. Your medical team was also absolutely incompetent and did not respond immediately," critiqued the user.

Image via Twitter

"If you can't even handle your athletes, don't dream of handling the SEA Games. You do not deserve this. Shame on you, Philippines," condemned this netizen.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, under the same hashtag, netizens slammed another 2019 SEA Games host athlete for their disrespectful behaviour

Harimau Malaya's official Twitter account posted a clip of the Philippines footballer, Justin Baas, who refused to shake hands with the Malaysian national team in a proper manner during pre-match formalities, instead deciding to slap their hands and shoulders.

"Wow, I didn't realise this earlier, so rude," read the tweet, "If he did this to an international team, his Instagram would have been attacked. Lucky for him Malaysian players are chill."

Addressing the Philippines Football Federation, this user said, "When you play with a team with third-class mentality players, you may win the game, but you lose respect."

Image via Twitter

"What is wrong with Philippines athletes. No respect at all for the Games. I'm done with this year's SEA Games, s*** host this year," said this user in disapproval.

Image via Twitter

The 2019 SEA Games was already off to a shaky start:

Let us celebrate our national athletes who continue to bring Malaysia pride instead:

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