There's Only One Thing Nicol David Is Disappointed Of In Her Career

The 35-year-old had been a vocal advocate of getting squash included in the Olympics for years.

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Datuk Nicol Ann David has won every title there is to win for squash in her two-decade long career.

Except one.

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Nicol never had the chance to be an Olympian as squash was never included as an Olympic sport. 

The squash queen had said that she wants to achieve her lifelong dream so bad that she would trade all her world titles for a win at the Olympics. 

"I would trade all of my world titles for just one Olympic gold medal. Every world title means the world to me, so that's how important the Olympics is in my heart," she was quoted as saying by CNN in 2012. 

Labeled as the "major disappointment" in her career, Nicol has been fighting under #BackTheBid to include squash in the Olympics for years

Nicol David (second from left)

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Reuters reported last year that the squash queen had been desperate to see squash featured as an Olympic sport in 2024. 

"We have really stepped up our game in all different aspects and we now really have a product that we can showcase (to the International Olympic Committee)," Nicol was quoted as saying by Reuters. 

"I am sure, eventually, one day we will get there hopefully... Just to see a squash player from any nation standing on the podium at the Olympic Games is my dream come true," she added.

However, the squash queen has continuously failed in getting the sport into the Olympics despite vigorous campaigning

Nicol had been fighting alongside the World Squash Foundation (WSF) since 2005 to include the sport in the Olympics. 

"We have to keep solid with the campaign... It's an honour to represent squash in any way and if I can get the message out there to back the bid (for Olympics) then I will do whatever it takes," she was quoted as saying by BBC

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Nonetheless, The Star reported in 2013 that squash lost its bid to be included in the 2020 Olympics. It was the third consecutive time the sport was rejected by the Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been consistent in rejecting squash. According to The Economistthe IOC chose climbing, surfing, and skateboarding for the 2020 Olympics instead of squash. Golf and rugby also rejoined the Olympics despite their long absences from the games as they are considered "far more lucrative than squash".

There are a few more factors behind the failure of Nicol's bids for the Olympics

The Economist reported that squash was rejected from the 2020 Olympics due to a belief that the sport was not television-friendly, as the squash ball was allegedly "hard to see". 

According to CNN, the IOC will only allow a new sport in the games if an existing one is removed. 

"You have a long list of sports trying to get onto the program because it is their one way to showcase their sport to the world," ex-IOC marketing director Michael Payne told CNN. 

"The IOC undertakes a very detailed technical analysis to understand the popularity of the sport, the number of players, infrastructure, TV, media, and then finally takes a vote to decide which new sport is welcomed onto the program," he added.

Nicol previously said that she would have pushed herself to stay in squash if there was "any way" to get the sport into the Olympics

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"If I can help in any way to get squash in the Olympics, then I will push myself to stay in the game until then," she said, according to BBC. 

However, following the sport's rejection from the 2020 Olympics, the squash queen admitted that it was "over" for her.

"This (rejection) is quite disappointing and devastating because even if the WSF were to launch another bid for the 2024 Games, it is over for me," Nicol told The Star in 2013. 

Nicol announced earlier this week that she will retire from squash in June 2019. Read more about her here:

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