Ronny Chieng Trolls American Conservatives With Sepak Takraw Segment On 'The Daily Show'

"Just watch one game, and in no time you'll be saying 'mengundi itu hak asasi manusia'."

Cover image via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube

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American conservatives are angry at their traditional sports like baseball and basketball becoming too "woke", with some of the players involved in these sports taking a stand against racism and sexism

Well, they now have an alternative that will keep sports out of politics, according to Malaysia-born comedian and actor Ronny Chieng

In the latest segment for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Chieng, who is a senior correspondent on the show, introduced the American conservatives to sepak takraw.

"The Southeast Asian game of volleyball played with your feet," the comedian remarks.

Image via Tutorialspoint

He goes on to troll them for their conservative thinking, saying sepak takraw "is the perfect sport for disillusioned Republicans"

He lists down the countries — such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Laos — where the game is popularly played, while name-dropping Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who recently passed a law legalising voter suppression.

According to the comedian, the sepak takraw players do not give a sh-t about such political issues as all they care about is "kicking the ball over the net".

In the segment, a game of sepak takraw is shown where a player kicks the ball over the net with an acrobatic kick, which, Chieng says, "is more impressive than literally anything Tom Brady can do", referring to the American football quarterback who plays in the National Football League.

Chieng then takes the trolling to the next level when he switches to Bahasa Melayu and says watching just a single game of sepak takraw will make the Republicans believe that voting is a human right

Just watch one game, and in no time you'll be saying 'mengundi itu hak asasi manusia'.

The comedian took to his Twitter to share the clip from the segment

In his tweet, he said that he is happy to be able to promote sepak takraw to the world and that it's equally great that he can do so while practising speaking Bahasa Melayu.

Watch the clip here:

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